Project description

con|energy agentur gmbh is entrusted with the task of media planning for SIV.AG and has overall responsibility for the handling of this process from selection of publications to communication with publishers.

Media plannung for SIV.AG

Media plannung for SIV.AG

Since 2011, con|energy agentur has been planning and handling media bookings for SIV.AG, an IT solutions provider specialising in the energy industry.

On the basis of established thematic priorities, con|energy agentur takes a targeted approach to selecting a wide range of publications and is able to draw on a comprehensive portfolio as well as contacts with specialist energy and IT sector journals as part of this process. Through regular consultation with the client, a customised media plan is then produced so that advertising achieves an optimal impact on the SIV target group.

con|energy agentur is responsible for tasks ranging from establishing the themes and selecting the publications to dealing with bookings and handling the process with publishers. In carrying out these activities, con|energy agentur is guided by a budget prescribed by the client.

About SIV.AG

SIV.AG has been an IT solutions provider for energy and water distribution companies for more than 20 years. Established in 1990, the software and consulting company hires more than 300 employees. Over 290 companies in Germany alone trust the kVASy® software solution. Public utility companies, network and transmission grid operating companies, communal associations, energy suppliers, multi-service specialists, data processing centres and regional suppliers of all sizes and structures are among the users of the application.

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