Project description

Für die ener|gate gmbh & co. kg wurde eine Landing-Page konzipiert um die verschiedenen Leistungsbereiche darzustellen und leicht zugänglich zu machen.

Landing page for ener|gate gmbh & co. kg

Landing page for ener|gate gmbh & co. kg

For the news service ener|gate gmbh & co. kg, the con|energy agentur visualised and implemented the design for the landing page of a new website which represents the individual company departments.

Based on the company's corporate design, an attractive design was developed that is easily accessible to customers and interactively presents the service departments. For this, icons were created that symbolize these seven departments and can be found throughout the entire website as a common thread. The playful presentation of these pictograms provides an informal visual view of the overall image of the site.

To achieve the abstract image effect desired by the customer, three-dimensional stage designs were created. These stage images on the home page are emphasised through the corresponding claims "Our energy for your communication," “Communication from one source”, and “Communication opens many doors” which were also developed by the con|energy agentur. In addition to the service offerings of ener|gate gmbh & co. kg, a particular focus was placed on the development of a visually appealing reference database which was also integrated.

Thanks to the use of the content management system TYPO3, all content can be adjusted as needed by the customer.

About ener|gate

Since its founding in 2000, energate gmbh & co. kg has been among the leading information service providers in the energy industry. The editorial offices in Essen and Berlin are comprised of experienced journalists. They filter relevant information from business and politics, placing it in the context of long-term developments.

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