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con|energy agentur has been designing comic cups for several years to provide innovative gifts for clients for the entire group of companies. As part of this process, con|energy agentur continually addresses current industry themes.

con|energy comic cups

con|energy comic cups

Every year since 2005, con|energy agentur has designed three to four cups with comic motifs that are used by the entire group of companies as customised gifts for clients.

The choice of theme for the motifs is always based on current and significant developments in the energy industry, which are illustrated in a refreshing way.

The greatest challenge posed by this project consists in representing the rather dry subject matter in as cheerful and creative a way as possible. Our in-house graphic artist then handles the visualisation of the ideas from the initial scribbles to the final artwork with ink and finally the process of colouration performed on the computer.

For years, these cups have been printed by the Seltmann Weiden porcelain factory in Bavaria, which is known throughout the world for its first-class work of premium quality.

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