How to find us

How to find us


Liability for Content

The contents of this website were created with the greatest possible care. However, we cannot accept any liability for the completeness of the contents provided, or for their being up to date or correct. In accordance with §§ 8 - 10 of the TMG [German telemedia act], we shall have no obligation as a service provider to monitor third party information which has been transmitted or stored or to investigate it for clues and circumstances which indicate the illegality of activities.

A duty on our part to block the use of contents in the context of general laws shall still remain unaffected by this. This liability shall however only come into question at the time we become aware of a concrete infringement of laws. If we became aware of any infringements of the law, then the corresponding contents would have to be removed by us immediately.

As a service provider, our liability for our own contents shall be determined by the general laws.

Liability for Links

This website contains links to third party websites - so-called external links. The contents of these external links are outside our sphere of influence, which means that liability on our part shall not be assumed for such contents.

The responsibility shall always lie with the respective operator of the external sites. There were no breaches of the law apparent at the time of the connection of the external links. It is not reasonable for us to provide permanent monitoring of third party content for breaches of the law without any concrete information pointing to this.

If we are made aware of any infringements of the law, we shall remove the corresponding external links immediately.

Copyright/ancillary copyright

German copyright and ancillary copyright shall apply to the contents published on this site by the provider. Insofar as duplication, editing, distribution or any other kind of use lies outside German copyright and ancillary copyright, this shall require a written approval from the relevant author. Copying or downloading of these pages without authorisation shall only be permitted where it is for the private domain, but not for the commercial domain. Insofar as we do not act as operators or authors of the contents, the copyright of third parties shall be respected. We shall always endeavour to identify such content as third party content. If a breach of copyright becomes apparent to you in spite of careful work on our part, we request you to point this out to us in an appropriate way, so that the removal of these contents can be undertaken immediately.

Data protection

Use of this website is possible on a regular basis without giving any personal data. If such personal data is nevertheless collected on this website, then this shall be carried out in the form of a voluntary provision of data by the user. Personal data shall not be passed on to third parties, if there is no explicit agreement given by the user.

Insofar as personal data is collected on our website, the collection of these data shall always be carried out in the context of the provision of the data protection law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Insofar as personal data is collected, you can find the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data in this data protection statement.

Please note that, in spite of the greatest care, data transmission on the Internet is always associated with risks due to security loopholes. The unrestricted protection of data is therefore impossible.

Data transmission

When you access our web pages, data are automatically transmitted from your browser to our webserver. The subject of this transmission is anonymised access data with no personal connection, such as the date and time, type of browser, quantity and type of data called up, along with your IP address. These data shall be saved separately from any other data which have been collected in the context of the use of our web pages by you. These data cannot be used to identify a specific person. These data shall only be collected to record user behaviour and for statistical purposes. After appropriate evaluation, these data shall be deleted.


For the purposes of quality assurance and extension of the range of functions of our website, we shall use so-called cookies on our web pages. This involves text files which are saved on the user’s computer. Cookies enable the number of page visits to be determined. We shall only use this information to improve our web pages.

Stock data

For the establishment, content-related design or modification of a contractual relationship between you and us, we shall collect and use your personal data, so-called stock data, to the extent that this is required.

As a rule, data shall not be passed on or disclosed to third parties. By order of the competent authorities, we are required to provide information relating to personal data, insofar as this is required for the purposes of criminal prosecution, hazard prevention or to fulfil further legal tasks.

Usage data

To the extent that this is required, we shall collect and use so-called usage data from you. This involves personal data which enable the use of our Internet services and accounting. In the process, data shall be recorded which contain the time criteria of your use of our services, as well as the scope of the usage and your identification characteristics.

We advise you that we are permitted to generate usage profiles, that is data compiled over the course of visits to our pages, for advertising purposes, for the purposes of market research and for the design of our Internet services. These usage profiles do not give any information about your person and shall also not be put together with any other data collected by us, so that there cannot be any personal identification by putting various data together either. You shall have the right to refuse any such use of your data at any time.

Right to be informed

We advise you that you have the right to demand information from us about your stored data and to block, delete or correct these in the event of their being incorrect. It is possible to inform you about this both by telephone and electronically.

Changes to the data protection statement

If any changes are made to our data protection statement in the future, then the changes are always to be found on these pages.

Data protection statement - Google Analytics

Our website uses the services of Google Analytics. This involves a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. The analysis of your use of the website is enabled by so-called “cookies” being saved on your computer and these then generating information about your usage behaviour and forwarding it to Google Inc. As a rule, an abbreviated version of your IP address is passed on to the Google server. In exceptional cases, the full IP address may also be passed on. Google uses this information on our behalf to create a report about usage behaviour on our pages. The IP address ascertained by Google Analytics is not put together with other data by Google. If you do not wish any cookies to be saved on your computer, then you can carry out the appropriate settings in your browser. Unfortunately, this may result in a restricted use of our pages.

Data protection statement - Facebook, Twitter and Xing

This website uses social plugins (“plugins”) of the social network, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, of, which is operated by Twitter, Inc. 795 Folsom St., Suite 600San Francisco, CA 94107 and of, which is operated from Gänsemarkt 43, 20354 Hamburg, Germany. The plugins are identified with a Facebook, Twitter or Xing logo or by adding “Facebook/Twitter/Xing Social Plugin”. When you call up a page of this website which contains one of these plugins, your browser sets up a direct link with the Facebook, Twitter and Xing servers. The content of the plugins is transmitted directly to your browser by the above-mentioned companies and incorporated by them into the website. Integrating the plugins means they receive the information that you have called up the corresponding page of our website. If you are logged into Facebook, Twitter or Xing, then Facebook, Twitter or Xing can assign the visit to your account. When you interact with the plugins, for instance by pressing the “like” button or making a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted directly from your browser to Facebook or Twitter and saved there. In the data protection information of Facebook, Twitter or Xing you can find the purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook, Twitter or Xing, along with your associated rights and setting options for the protection of your privacy. If you do not wish Facebook, Twitter or Xing to collect data about you via this website, you must log out of Facebook, Twitter or Xing before visiting this website.

Data protection statement - Google +1

Our web pages use the so-called “+1” interfaces of the Google + social network. This is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States. When you call up our website with the interface in question, a direct link is set up between the Google Inc. servers and your browser. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the scope of the data which Google Inc. collects via the "+1" interface. According to the information provided by the company itself, Google Inc. does not collect any personal data, as long as you do not click on the "+1" interface. Personal data of this kind, along with the IP address, are only collected and processed by website visitors who are logged in parallel to your Google+ account. For further information about the purposes, the scope of the data collection and the options for protecting your privacy, we refer you to the data protection information of Google Inc. at: If, as a member of Google+, you do not wish Google Inc. to collect data from you on our pages and to then assign them to your user account, then we recommend that you log out of your Google+ account before using our pages.